About us

CelluCircle (CC) is a spin-off company that has emerged from Stockholm University. The company specializes in the recycling of textile waste into high-value additives, synthetic fibers, and sustainable 3D printed products. This is achieved through the implementation of mild chemical treatment and thermomechanical processes, which are currently pending patent approval.


The recycling process is based on a highly efficient one-step fractionation process, which enables the separation of components in cotton-based textiles. The cotton component is then converted into nanocellulose, while the remaining synthetic fibers are recovered without generating any secondary pollution. This innovative green, scalable and sustainable approach eliminates the need for complex and costly multi-step processes, while also reducing environmental impact.


One of the key strengths of CC technology is its ability to process a broad range of cotton-based feedstock, including blends. This innovative approach has the potential to revolutionize the textile industry by providing a sustainable, recyclable and cost-effective solution for managing textile waste.

Working groups

Sahar Sultan
With a PhD in Materials Chemistry, Sahar Sultan has a vast experience in nanocellulose based 3D printing, both in the form of hydrogel as well as melt printing. She also has the industrial experience of working as a researcher and safety officer. She is the lead person to technology development and process optimization at CelluCircle with the aim of translating cellulose towards sustainable products.
Tomas Hjort
Consultant and Marketing Strategist
Hjort has +20 years of experience in deeptech startups introducing new innovations, new products and new companies to new markets.
He has worked with Automotiv, Medtech, Forestry, Aerospace, Greentech startups and companies and is an expert on Business Development , Commercialization , Board management and Investment.
Aji Mathew
Scientific Advisor
Aji Mathew holds a PhD in Polymer Chemistry and is currently Professor in Materials Chemistry at Stockholm University. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of cellulose nanomaterials processing from biomass. She is a leading researcher on materials based on bio derived polymers and nanoparticles.
Chris Margetts
Experienced product developer and entrepreneur specializing in sustainable projects and brands. Chris spent over 20 years working in the UK fashion industry before moving to Sweden to work on his own sustainable brand while at the same time collaborating with innovative circular projects and consciously minded brands.
Mona Wilcke
Mona Wilcke has a PhD in biochemistry from Stockholm University. She has many years of experience in leading positions within the biotech industry as well as the startup scene as she has founded several companies during the years. Since 2008 she is the CEO of Stockholm University’s holding company, SU Holding that is also one of the investors in CelluCircle.
Markus Åkerstedt

Buisness Area Manager Seafire AB / CEO Perpressa Invest AB
Born 1976, University of Skövde, HIS, Engineering and Technology, mechanical engineer, studies in Industrial Economics and lean production.

Other Commitments:
CEO and founder Perpressa Invest AB and Perpressa Fastigheter AB. Chairman of the board on Pexymek AB, Färg-In AB and Bara mineraler AB. Member of the board on Åkerstedts Verkstads AB, Thor Ahlgren AB, Planevo Invest AB, The Sole Theory AB, Kenpo AB and DOFAB AB.

Markus has long experience within Swedish industry from his role as part owner and CEO of Åkerstedts Verkstads AB.